Sorry, after 15 years, we are not currently offering tours of the Ecovillage. We will reconsider our capacity to run tours in 2023 and changes will be communicated here.
Alternatively see the Sales or Rent webpage. if you have a specific question not covered on this website, please use the Contact form.

Village Way is a public road and visitors are always welcome to the Cafe, Ground Grocer and Ground Currumbin Healing Centre.

Please note that the ecovillage is primarily a residential community and all homes are private, as are most of the community facilities and internal roads. We ask visitors to respect the privacy of residents and to avoid encroaching onto private blocks. Merely driving through the Ecovillage is not recommended as this reduces the local residential amenity and creates extra noise.

The Ecovillage Tours were highlighted on TV: Channel 7’s The Great South East: see a snapshot of the video here.

Review of a public tour: