10 April 2017 – today we had some of the world’s best cyclists flying past our ecovillage as part of several Commonwealth Games events. It restricted traffic movements for a while but we got some early Council road upgrades nearby which was nice.

September 2017 – The bodies corporate are having their annual general meetings this month. New budgets for the following year will be set and committee’s updated.

April 2017 – The Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (RRR) Centre workshop space is now open for residents to use the equipment/tool library for refurbishing and rejuvenating all things timber, metal and plastic. The green metal RRR itself is an old Telstra shed that was deconstructed and reinstalled at the Ecovillage!

December 2016 – The Ecovillage held a huge event to celebrate its 10 year anniversary, since the first house was completed. Congratulations to all. What an amazing community we have helped to create.

7 March 2015 – Everyone’s Environment planting day. Hundreds of more plants using our grant were planned today. Well done everyone!  More:

27 January 2014  – On this public holiday, the ecovillage held its second Kenilworth Cricket Club match for the “Kangaroo Cup”. The Kenilworth Club was originally formed in 1922 and the ecovillage relaunched the club in 2012 in honour of the original farm families and friends in the area who started it. They used to battle neighbours from over the hill in NSW and were famous for their pranks during the day long events.

2 February 2014  Manon ran another Movie night in our community hall. Thanks Manon and helpers!